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FirstRain Market Insights: Empower your team with real-time analytics on your key markets

You operate in a complex and dynamic market environment—but does your strategic marketing team have a real-time understanding of the continually changing dynamics of your target markets or the emerging needs of your key buyers—insights that can put your go-to-market strategy into action?

FirstRain's Market Insights is a cloud-based solution for delivering the analytics, insights and intelligence that enterprise marketing teams need to inform the daily tactical and strategic decisions they take to compete and win in their space.

Using patented algorithms, FirstRain extracts critical developments and visualizations from millions of global information points and the full Twitter fire-hose. These actionable insights are then seamlessly delivered to enterprise marketing teams within the social and mobile applications they use every day.

See your business through the lens of your strategic priorities—and put your go-to-market strategy into action

FirstRain's Market Insights is uniquely tuned to the strategic priorities, key products or big bets your company is making—your go-to-market strategy. Only Market Insights then shows you real time lenses into how those priorities are playing out across your growth markets, top customers, expansion regions, emerging competitors or through the eyes of your most influential buyers.

FirstRain's Market Insights uses advanced analytics to bring your team the most relevant and precisely tuned mix of market drivers, insights and influencers available, through two groundbreaking components:

  • Markets: A rich mix of a company's top customers, buyers and strategic priorities for market growth, presented through real-time visualization analytics.
  • Comparisons: A visually powerful, side-by-side comparison of the business developments impacting a company's top competitors, influencers and partners—presented through the lens of their strategic priorities.
Image of advanced view of your critical markets

Get unmatched precision, anywhere you need it

FirstRain Market Insights was specifically designed to provide an out-of-the box experience from day one, and is simple to configure and install, requiring no additional IT resources to manage it or lengthy end-user training. The solution is seamlessly delivered within the applications your team already uses every day, such as's Sales Cloud and Chatter, Microsoft's SharePoint, Dynamics and Yammer, Cisco's WebEx Social, Jive, your own company portal, or our intuitive Web application. FirstRain's simple, drop-in implementation also syncs across your team's iPads, smartphones and email.

See how FirstRain's big data insights can deliver truly market-focused intelligence to your enterprise—and put your go-to-market strategy into action.

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I rolled out FirstRain's Market Insights solution to more than 3,000 marketing, product and sales professionals at a Fortune 100 technology company and it provided them with an extremely sophisticated and fine-grained view of their target markets and buyers.
Evan Escobedo
Practice Principle, Cloud, Big Data and Social Business

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